I don’t follow any specific guru. While I do think that there are many legitimate systems out there that work to better lives, I consider it my client’s role to create their own path to get to their unique destination. To truly run your life, it is vital to take responsibility for it; following someone else’s strategy that isn’t specific to your life style may have you walking down someone else’s path. You need to find out exactly where you feel meaning and peace and what you are and aren’t willing to do to get it. Many people have issue with a certain part of a pre determined system which leads to them discontinuing the whole practice. My goal is to assist you in coming up with a life plan that works well within the frame work of your particular situation. And as you evolve the life plan may need to evolve. Life is a process that morphs and changes based on your forward motion. A balanced mind, body, soul connection creates the energy necessary to forge ahead.

There are always many ways to get the same result. Some people are introverts, some extroverts. Some like to sprint while others like to go the distance. You may have an addiction to alcohol, food, or abusive energy. You could be eating too much too fast or to little and not often enough. My role as a Life Balance Consultant is to assess your current mind, body, soul connection and make recommendations to you to include and exclude in your life plan. These recommendations can include modifications to your diet, exercise regime, media consumption, life style structure, anger management, etc. Often the solution to a more balanced life plan requires a few tweaks to an already successful life model (just being told “you’re doing great” is a help); while in other cases the blockage to your happiness is staring you in the face and you just need a reality check by someone who is going to make an assessment without any emotional involvement in your life. That friend that keeps giving you advice may in fact be the problem.

I provide recommendations and an answer to “why” I am making the recommendation to you; but it is up to you to be involved in structuring a plan that works best for you. This ensures a level of  responsibility and accountability that is often absent when someone just “tells” you to do something “for your own good.” Based on the level of life balance consultation, I will not only make personal  recommendations to life style adjustments but provide you  with the names of companies or individuals specific to your life plan that may be able to assist you with some of the life style modifications (i.e. yoga instructors, nutritionists, massage therapists, spas, etc.) I have found that just being informed and feeling a sense of permission to explore untapped resources opens up opportunities and energy necessary to gaining control of your personal journey.

There are many levels to a Life Consultation. You may be interested in my Online Assessment, Skype One-on-Ones, In Person Consultations or Group Chats. I am also available for school or office “Chat and Chews”, panel discussions on Health, Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, and my specialty, Branding, and TV and Event guest appearances.



1. SURVEY – Each client picks a survey.  I am developing them as tools to find out what is working, what isn’t working, want you may want to add to your routine and what you should consider as a area of concern in your current life style. Clients are encouraged to answer each question as truthfully and as in depth as possible in order to gain the most benefit from the analysis.

2. ANALYZE – I will analyze your survey and make specific recommendations based on your responses. These recommendations will be unique to your views, environment, and resources. This is not a cookie cutter approach. I will be analyzing many elements of your life in combination with one another. Often the issues that you may be having are based on a few issues that create disharmony with elements of your life that should be working. An example would be a person who works out all the time specifically to loose weight but sees no progress. Their issue may not be the work out but what they do before or afterward – like drinking Gatorade (which is full of sugar and can become a catalyst to weight gain if the exercise regime isn’t intense enough), or, drinking alcohol  soon after their workout (which slows down the metabolism).

3. SUPPORT – We will be in contact via phone, Skype, or in person (dependent on the method you select ). Some people are more comfortable with face to face interaction while others would prefer to remain anonymous and speak over the phone. The way in which you prefer to communicate is completely up to you.

4. BALANCE - We will come up with a plan that makes sense with your circumstances. Some clients will prefer agreeing to take small steps initially, while others will choose the methods that may gain the fastest results. It will be your decision to make based on your individual preferences. Once you have selected the best plan of action for yourself, you will send your plan back to me so that we can reference your plan if you decide to select follow up calls/meetings or if you decide to get another analysis done at a later date to determine your progress.

5. FOLLOW UP - You may decide to take your plan and follow your path on your own or you may want to do follow up emails, calls, Skpying, or one-on-ones.  This can be determined at the completion of your Life Cleanse Plan or later on, if you feel you need additional feedback or consultation.


I am putting together the finishing touches on a comprehensive Life Cleanse Consultation complete with newly created surveys and manuals. Check back soon for our End of Spring LAUNCH!



Group, School, or Office Chat & Chews

Group Chats is a great option for your office or a group of friends. They can be structured generally – where I provide a general tips list to aid with common issues people have with their mind body, soul connection, or,  a group can provide me with general questions that they have about certain facets of their lives that they need help modifying. If scheduled at our Brooklyn cafe or in Brooklyn, a catered healthy food menu is an option with our “chats”.

Panel Discussions (Events & TV Appearances)

I love the opportunity to sit on panels to discuss Health, Wellness, Women’s Issues, Healthy Hair and Skin, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, and Branding. Due to my background in various industries and my love of providing helpful information to the masses, I am always eager to share what I know.

Until we have completed our Consultation Shopping Cart that will be attached to the A Healthy Crush online store, give us a call on our CLIENT INFO LINE at 917.338.9553 to discuss group consultations and panel events.

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